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Measurabl CEO’s Annual Note: 2018

Dear Friends, a swiftly growing subscriber base and partner ecosystem are cause for thanks. They are also the starting point from which I’d like to share where our company will head in 2018.

Measurabl was born because the cost and complexity of measuring and reporting sustainability performance had become overwhelming. This was acutely true for the commercial real estate sector and the broader built environment in which it is a lynchpin. So Measurabl set about making sustainability something any organization could achieve by providing simple, affordable, powerful software. Nearly 5 billion square feet, 67 countries, and more than $1 trillion in asset value later, we have cause to believe our goal is achievable.

Measurabl aspires to be the world’s leading solution for managing non-financial aspects of commercial buildings.

But we recognized a problem amid the forest of data we were collecting: the data is often inaccurate. It’s an existential problem. After all, if sustainability data is not accurate then reports are unreliable, investors confounded, benchmarks broken, and the essential goal of driving value through sustainability undercut. In 2018 Measurabl will tackle this issue head on by dedicating ourselves to the pursuit of investment grade sustainability in every facet of what we do.

“We cannot manage what we do not measure accurately…”

To fuel our ambition, we elected to raise a Series A round of financing and are pleased to have secured multiple term sheets to fund our next stage of growth. Details will be publicly disclosed in the press when the round is complete. More important than how much and from whom, though, is how we will put the capital to work for you. There are five ways:

  • Adding more People to our team with a special focus on software engineers to integrate third party systems, data scientists to craft quality assurance tools, and domain experts to turn your real world needs into digital solutions.
  • Covering more Places, including Europe and Asia, is another step towards our goal of being the world’s leading sustainability data management and benchmarking solution – think of it as a global ENERGY STAR on steroids.
  • Including more Partners capable of turning insights drawn from our software into real world solutions like building certifications, regulatory filings, audits, and retrofits. We will also continue to add partners who enrich the sustainability ecosystem and support the free movement of data whenever its owner – the customer – desires.
  • Adjusting Prices so even the smallest organizations can access the most powerful aspects of Measurabl, while consultancies and large enterprises can deploy Measurabl at global scale. We will also expand and make permanent our popular subsidy for GRESB and CDP reporters.
  • Expanding our Platform to equip all real estate stakeholders – owners, occupiers, investors, lenders, insurers, regulators, and service providers – with timely and accurate sustainability information so they will be better able to buy/sell, lease, appraise, underwrite, benchmark, report, and otherwise drive value from sustainability.

In 2018, we aspire to quantify the most fundamental question about sustainability: “How much does it drive asset value?”

None of this would be possible if not for our excellent partners. In particular, we would like to acknowledge the tremendous support and gracious assistance of ENERGY STAR, GRESB, CDP, ULI Greenprint, MRI, USGBC, BREEAM, VTS, WiredScore, Lyft, Waste Management, Urjanet, 2030 Districts, Cleantech San Diego, Crosscut Ventures, Borealis Ventures, and Impact Engine. Thank you.

The results of 2017 and significant additional cash resources give me confidence our mission is achievable. By continuing to listen to your feedback we will be able to help you measure what matters ever more accurately in 2018.


Matt Ellis

Founder & CEO, Measurabl