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It’s Time to Break Down Your ESG Data Silos

ESG data is paramount for real estate companies and their efforts to become more sustainable, socially responsible businesses that will thrive in the next decade. As investor demands, regulations, and disclosure frameworks evolve, the real estate industry is under pressure to more efficiently collect, consolidate, and share portfolio-wide ESG data in order to meet increasingly ambitious sustainability goals. But according to a recent Deloitte report, data-sharing is one of the key obstacles to effective ESG data management for today’s leading real estate companies. How can real estate teams overcome this hurdle to making ESG data more useful—and more profitable—for their business? 

Let’s first take a closer look at the challenge. When data is siloed, sharing it across teams is nearly impossible. ESG data is typically disparate and difficult to access. It’s also often collected manually from multiple platforms, a time-consuming, resource-intensive endeavor that invites costly errors and inconsistencies. 

ESG Data Integration

Many real estate leaders rely on business intelligence tools to make data-driven decisions regarding portfolio management, investment, and profitability. But when the data is manually collected and prone to error, it introduces a level of risk that no real estate portfolio can afford to absorb. 

Easy ESG data integration into core business systems and tools—whether it be property management software, business intelligence tools, or bill pay providers—is becoming fundamental to the success of any best-in-class ESG program. At Measurabl, we’re pleased to support our customers on their ESG data collection journey through our software’s new API, which enables seamless aggregation of ESG data in one place.

How can Measurabl’s API help?

Measurabl’s new API helps eliminate data silos and improve transparency by providing real estate teams with faster, more comprehensive access to their ESG data. Available through our Premium plan, the new API automates data-sharing between Measurabl and other third-party platforms, helping customers reduce time spent on reporting and report with increased accuracy and efficiency. By enabling the seamless push and pull of ESG data to and from Measurabl into other internal systems and tools, the API helps your teams better integrate ESG data into everyday business decision-making. 

Need to combine financial and ESG data for deeper analysis? Need to quickly integrate third-party apps or data sources? Our team at Measurabl is constantly innovating to ensure you have the tools and expertise you need to meet your ESG goals faster than ever before.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our new API and how you can break down ESG data silos, please contact us to learn more.