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Transform Data into Action with Measurabl’s Asset Optimization

Measurabl, the world’s most widely adopted ESG data management software for real estate, is proud to announce the launch of Asset Optimization.

Measurabl’s Asset Optimization provides real-time, building-level insights, project recommendations, and tools that empower real estate teams to go beyond reporting and reach sustainability goals, like decarbonization and net zero, more quickly and efficiently. Trained on more than 40 billion hours of real-time data — the most comprehensive data set in the industry — the Asset Optimization analytics engine monitors buildings 24/7 to identify and prioritize the highest value improvement opportunities. 

With Asset Optimization, real estate teams can:

  • Boost asset performance by harnessing the data they already have to rapidly benchmark performance, identify opportunities for expense reduction and streamline reporting for tenants, ownership, and operations.
  • Empower operating teams by centralizing portfolio performance to eliminate silos and keep disparate teams aligned, productive, and on target.
  • Improve ESG scores by driving portfolio-wide performance through collaboration with property teams on the selection, implementation, and verification of energy initiatives. Teams can simplify annual reporting with a centralized view of property performance, projects, and achievements.

“In order to rise to the challenges facing the built world — specifically reporting, regulation, and decarbonization — the industry must bridge the gap between real estate owners and operators and building managers,” says Matt Ellis, Founder and CEO of Measurabl. “With the introduction of Asset Optimization, Measurabl now offers a powerful product that bridges this gap, empowering teams to take action and achieve ESG goals faster.” 

Measurabl is the only end-to-end ESG technology to automate the full scope of utility, project, physical climate risk, and other sustainability data, providing a centralized, global hub for customers to measure, manage, report, and act on ESG performance. Companies across 90 countries trust Measurabl to measure, manage, and act upon ESG data from across 13 billion square feet of real estate.

Learn more about how Asset Optimization can help improve building performance.