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Product Spotlight: Cohort Insights

Measurabl’s powerful analytics tool allows users to instantly compare the performance of their buildings to that of their peers

As ESG becomes top of mind for many stakeholders and investors, real estate owners are being asked to deliver granular information and performance insights on a regular basis. Annual benchmarks like GRESB and CDP may help owners check the box for comparing performance among peers, but these assessments serve merely as a snapshot in time, and don’t produce the insights necessary for real-time decision making. 

Our customers need a more sophisticated way to monitor and benchmark their asset-level performance. To better serve their needs, Measurabl has released Cohort Insights, a customizable analytics tool that unlocks on-demand insights about energy and water usage, and carbon emissions to improve building performance. 

Cohort Insights draws timely and relevant information from Measurabl’s database of nearly 10 billion square feet of commercial real estate and allows users to compare their real assets to buildings with similar characteristics, also known as peer groups or cohorts. Cohorts can be defined using a wide variety of characteristics including building type, size, location, year built, percentage of data coverage, and more. Cohort Insights gives users the ability to select and save any combination of filters to customize their peer groups, giving them complete control of the data they choose to report to stakeholders. 

Customers can view this information in the Measurabl app, or they can download a PDF file of their Cohort Insights dashboard, which includes scatter plot graphs and a table of all their buildings with corresponding energy efficiency percentiles.

There are many ways to measure a building’s ESG performance, but many take a one-size-fits-all approach. Certifications like LEED and BREEAM assess a snapshot of a building at a single point in time, and these recognition points do not actually give you insight into how your building is performing. These approaches often aren’t enough to satisfy the diverse and evolving needs of the real estate sector. 

Measurabl has designed Cohort Insights to be: 

  • Transparent: Unlike current benchmarks, the methodology behind Measurabl’s Cohort Insights is straightforward and easy to understand. 
  • Customizable: Users have control over the way they filter information in Cohort Insights, creating comparisons and identifying metrics that are material to customers and their stakeholders. 
  • Actionable: Cohort Insights unveils the trends of top performers within each customized cohort to help users better allocate their budget and efforts.

Want more information on Cohort Insights? See our frequently asked questions page.