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Asset-Level Data for GRESB Reports

Reach the next level of ESG reporting –

Reporting to GRESB using asset-level data will not only get you more points on the 2018 assessment; it’s the next step in achieving Investment Grade sustainability. Experts from GRESBHeitmanULI Greenprint, and Measurabl discuss best practices around asset-level data collection and how to file cutting-edge Investment Grade GRESB reports. In this webinar, you’ll learn

  • What changes GRESB has made to scoring methodologies and how to separate the leaders from those falling behind.
  • How leading REITs like Heitman have achieved success in gathering granular data accurately and easily.
  • Why the market and industry groups like ULI Greenprint are shifting towards highly accurate, asset-level data for ESG reports and optimizing performance decisions.