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Navigating LEED EB Re-Certification and GRESB

LEED EB Re-Certification Guidelines have been released; and are previously certified projects collecting the necessary documentation between certifications to become re-certified? GRESB is an industry-driven benchmark platform committed to assessing the sustainability performance of real estate portfolios around the globe that is gaining traction in the commercial real estate investment world.

The aim is to improve the sustainability performance of investment portfolios, and the global property sector at large. This highly energetic and interactive discussion with case studies will focus on: (a) how managers (property, facility or asset mangers) can better understand how to successfully negotiate both LEED EB and GRESB and avoid pitfalls, which could add significant costs to execute and (b) provide a roadmap to achieve the highest level of points in the most economic way as well as how to successfully navigate GRESB.

Monday, June 29, 2015, 2:15PM–3:15PM @ The Los Angeles Convention Center

Putting GRESB and LEED into context, provokes the question “how much greener can we get?” The simple answer is there’s always more to be done when a continuous process improvement approach is embraced. It’s a simple answer, but it’s not always easy to reconcile it with achieving the cost effective results we all want:

  • Lower operating costs (OpEx)
  • Better tenant engagement and retention
  • Growing Net Operating Income (NOI)
  • Value creation
  • Investor engagement
  • Improved asset liquidity

We hope to help make it easier to achieve the above items with a continuous process improvement approach, so please come see Craig Sheehy of Envision Realty and I at our session Navigating LEED EB Re-certification and GRESB at the BOMA International Conference and Expo in Los Angeles. Our goal is to lay out the continuous process approach as it relates to GRESB and LEED-EB, as well as answer your questions because the simpler it all is, the better the business case and faster the market transformation.