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Measurabl’s New Look & Feel

Measurabl just released a significant update to simplify sustainability reporting and benchmarking. So what’s new? Well, first you’ll notice that the look and feel has greatly improved. Drawing upon cutting edge user experience and design practices from Apple and Intuit, we added a range of new features including a new waste data integration and more finely tuned data quality assurance algorithms.
“Some upgrades to our software are invisible” says Lance Onken, Measurabl’s CTO “but others are impossible to miss. What looks like a crisp new user interface, and smoother navigation are only the tip of iceberg — we’ve deepened our data quality assurance algorithms to extend our leadership in the financial-grade reporting that we have become known for.”

Home page
The new user interface supports easier navigation across a greater array of data and buildings.

Measurabl has expanded its application’s depth and breadth to accommodate more diverse reporting and data collection requirements.

Data Sources
Automatic data import and advanced data quality assurance algorithms ensure financial grade reporting accuracy.

The new user interface makes it possible to navigate through the entire app via the left hand side nav bar – this keeps the navigation smooth and intuitive as we add more data types and reporting tools. Also, you might notice the new automatic data import capabilities. In order to keep your data financial grade we have added advanced data quality assurance algorithms to keep your data clean and accurate. In order to better support your correct and complete responses, the app has new automatic assurance on qualitative responses i.e. alert notifications.  Our focus on making the reporting process easy and accurate, is driven by our goal of liberating companies from onerous compliance requirements in order to unlock the potential for energy efficiency solutions, green bonds and other innovative sustainability solutions predicated on scale and data accuracy.

Automatic assurance on qualitative responses generate alerts and help ensure accurate and complete responses.

What’s next? Measurabl is now expanding the service platform to automate a greater array of reports and certifications, like the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), ENERGY STAR certification, and energy and water disclosure reporting.