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What is the Measurabl API?

The Measurabl API is a product feature that enables customers and partners to push and pull data to and from Measurabl via an API.

What is an API?

An API is an interface that integrating developers can use to interact with a piece of software, but it does not have a UI (user interface); the interaction is done programmatically. APIs can also provide the ability to automate interactions which can replace the need for manual user updates. For example, if an integrating developer wanted to pull new utility usage each month from the Measurabl platform, an API would enable a developer to pull utility usage without having to navigate the UI, and they’d only have to program this action once, as opposed to doing it manually each month.

Who is this product for?

In order to have access. to our API, you must either:

  • Be a Premium Tier Measurabl customer
  • Be a Partner that is integrating with Measurabl’s API on behalf of a Measurabl customer

Is the API two-way?

Yes, the API supports two-way integrations, meaning data can be pushed into the Measurabl platform and data can be pulled out of the Measurabl platform via the API.

Is there a sandbox (testing) environment?

There is no sandbox environment, which is often used interchangeably with ‘testing environment’.

Do we have API documentation?

Yes we do. It can be found here.

What are the technical details of the API?

We’re a RESTful web service that adheres to the JSON:API spec. Here’s a link to our API Explorer with examples, and here’s a link to the JSON:API spec.

Does Measurabl connect the API to the customer’s internal systems or 3rd party software platforms?

No. Measurabl does not build the actual connection between our API and our customers’ internal systems or 3rd party software platforms. The integrating developer employed by the customer (or 3rd party software consultant) must build an integration to push and pull data to and from Measurabl.

Will the API have an audit log to keep track of which data came from the API?

Yes, the API has its own audit log. It tracks when data is pushed or pulled to and from Measurabl.

How can my business can take advantage of Measurabl's API?

Our experts are excited to talk with you about how you can leverage our API to break down data silos in your business. Contact us at .