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Matt Ellis Joins Panel on Data Nirvana at Toronto Green Real Estate for Estate Forum

What is data nirvana to sustainability leaders? The subject of data is ongoing and can be a constant challenge in many real estate organizations – be it at the asset or the portfolio level.

What needs to happen for data to be robust? How do we manage qualitative data? What is data?

This session will also discuss building labeling and how the market will react to it. How do we translate data into the right action? We will explore what is measured and how granular should we go? There is a large difference between “data” and “good data”. How can you access meaningful data that provides insights and facilitates CAPEX and investment decision-making? What data do you need to collect? What is available? How difficult is its accessibility? How do you record it, store it and evaluate it? How do you use it comparatively; between buildings, across your portfolio or between building operators? When should you start to publish it? Many questions will be presented with the goal of providing clarity around the increasing problem of too much data and too little time.

April 23 @ 2:15pm ET, Session D4

Moderator: Sandy McNair, President, Altus InSite


  • Neal Bach, President, Energy Profiles Limited
  • Matt Ellis, Chief Executive Officer, Measurabl, Inc.
  • Darryl Neate, Director, Sustainability, Oxford Properties Group Inc.
  • Neil Pegram, Manager, Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility, Morguard
  • Tony Pringle, Partner, Quinn & Partners Inc.