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How Real Estate Can Adapt and Prepare for Climate Risks

This year has put the effects of climate change on full display: wildfires burning across the Americas and Australia; hurricanes and typhoons destroying various parts of Asia and North America; global temperatures continue to rise, causing heat and water stress across the world. Unfortunately, it’s likely a preview of what’s to come. Scientists predict that we may recall 2020 not as the “worst in recorded history,” but perhaps one of the more mild years that we experience this century— unless we make drastic improvements to reduce society’s impact on the planet.

As society prepares for these impending disasters, the real estate industry faces a more immediate threat. How can buildings be better equipped to adapt to our changing world? Experts from CBRE, Four Twenty Seven, Measurabl, and Nova Group gathered virtually to discuss how real asset owners can better prepare by assessing their exposure to physical climate risk and collecting data to make measurable improvements. See highlights from the conversation below or listen to the full recording.