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Measurabl is precision software built to help you collect, report, and act upon non-financial data. Use Measurabl for FREE then upgrade when you’re ready for investment-grade sustainability.

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The world's smartest companies measure, manage, and act on sustainability using Measurabl.


Sustainability management begins with collecting data. Measurabl continually checks for discrepancies and irregularities so your reports are always up to date and investment-grade.

Energy, Carbon, and Water: Utility Data

Measurabl connects directly to your utilities, making it easy to monitor energy and water use. Collect data for a single building, or an entire real estate portfolio with a few clicks. Import utility data directly into Energy Star Portfolio Manager and eliminate manual errors for good.

Hotel Stays, Flights, and Rental Cars: Travel Data

Measurabl makes collecting travel data a cinch, then automatically formats it to fit any report you choose. Measurabl also imports historical data from travel providers like AMEX and Hertz so you can account for all your impacts.

Collaboration and Stakeholder Engagement

Work with an unlimited number of colleagues, service providers, stakeholders, tenants, and suppliers to collect sustainability data, complete reports, and track performance.


Publish beautiful reports to your website and update them year-round. File CDP, GRESB, or GRI all through your Measurabl account. Enter your data once and Measurabl quickly creates accurate, complete reports.

Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB)

Real estate investors and tenants now put sustainability at the top of their investment and leasing decisions.

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Public and private investors as well as consumers want to understand the carbon impact of your operations.

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Use GRI's reporting guidelines to ensure you track and disclose what matters to you and your stakeholders.


Give investors, regulators, and customers verifiable sustainability data, year-round. Measurabl provides detailed recommendations for improvement so you're always improving.

Save Time

Simplify the process of reporting and save huge amounts of time in collecting data and issuing reports. On average, Measurabl cuts time spent reporting 5x.


The global economy demands transparency. With the most powerful tools available to collect, report, and share your company's sustainability performance, Measurabl ensures you comply and thrive.

See How You Stack Up

Get perspective with Measurabl's benchmarking tools so you always know where you stand relative to peers.

Measurabl has greatly improved our sustainability efforts, particularly in operations and reporting.”

USAA Real Estate Company

Measurabl is the most reliable & cost-effective solution on the market to collect and manage utility data.”


Measurabl is more than a software platform. It’s a team invested in client success.”

Boston Properties

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