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3 Steps to Savvy Sustainability Reporting with Measurabl

GRESB and CDP reporting seasons close June 30. Are you ready?

Here’s 3 ways to get your reports done accurately and efficiently using Measurabl’s free reporting software.

savvy sustainability reporting infographic

1. Data Automation

● Start with raw, meter-level utility data

● Use Utility Sync to automate your data and prevent manual fatigue and mistakes

● View portfolio and building level trends and charts to ensure accuracy

2. Survey Experience

● Step-by-step survey guidance throughout the reporting process

● Quantitative results are auto-calculated by Measurabl software

● Expert Response Check before final submission ensures you get the maximum possible score

3. Start Early

● GRESB and CDP surveys are now available on Measurabl

● Find the 5 specific places to focus your time to get the best survey scores – on our blog

● Attend free expert office hours to learn reporting do’s and don’ts

Changes That Impact Your Report This Year

The new Survey overhauls more than 20% of its questions, introduces new modules, and substantially revises its guidance on critical Performance Indicators. Don’t fret! Measurabl’s Quick Start Guide has you covered with these four steps to guarantee a successful report.

Measurabl guarantees you an accurate 2016 GRESB and CDP report with the least possible effort. Save time, improve your score, increase transparency, be Measurabl!

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