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Product Spotlight: Document Repository

Manage environmental, social, and governance data all in one platform

Real estate owners are increasingly expected not just to measure and disclose their company’s environmental impact, but also its humanitarian impact. This can include the way they hire and retain employees, ensure their suppliers adhere to similar ethical standards, give back to their communities, and more. However, compared with environmental data, social metrics and ways that governance processes and policies affect social and environmental performance can be harder to quantify and track.

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Policies, disclosure reports, and other written materials are crucial for measuring the social and governance aspects of ESG performance. Currently, owners often store these files across multiple locations. This makes documents difficult to manage and locate when it’s time to report ESG metrics to benchmarks or directly to stakeholders.

Document Repository allows users to store, manage, and collaborate on files containing information on ESG

Our Document Repository feature enables customers to track their ESG policies and procedures alongside environmental data in the Measurabl platform. This further cements Measurabl as a one-stop-shop for ESG performance data, inclusive of critical social and governance information that owners and stakeholders need to understand just how well an asset is doing relative to peers. 

What Does this Solve for Customers?

Currently, real estate companies track social and governance documentation within various platforms, which keeps social and governance information isolated from environmental data. And collecting all the necessary and updated ESG data and documents from multiple platforms for reporting can be confusing and time consuming. 

Document Repository gives Measurabl users an accessible, centralized hub to track all ESG data, including information such as employee or tenant policies alongside environmental data. Users can share, download, comment on, and view documents, fostering seamless collaboration among team members. Customers can also add tags and meta descriptions, giving users the ability to easily search for documents and filter their results. 

Interested in streamlining your ESG data? Schedule a demo to see Document Repository and other Measurabl features in action.