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Introducing The Real Estate Professional’s Guide To Getting Started With ESG

We’re long past the point in time when having information on ESG (environmental, social, governance) was a nice thing to have on hand for curious investors and customers. Now, the ability to report ESG performance data is an entry-level requirement. Stakeholders do not just need to know about a portfolio’s carbon output, energy efficiency, and other metrics—they also need to know the information is accurate and trustworthy. 

For many real estate companies, ESG is relatively new territory. Some companies have formed sustainability teams to do the heavy lifting of ESG reporting, while other firms may leave that work in the hands of one or two individuals. Though ESG brings exciting potential for rewards like green bonds and increased tenant retention, many owners and operators may view sustainability as just another demand to meet.

Perhaps your team is ready to start reporting to sustainability benchmarks like GRESB or CDP. Or, you’re finding that your investors are asking for more granular information at a greater frequency. Regardless of why you need to take your ESG efforts to the next level, one thing is clear: The way you improve and apply ESG depends greatly on your capacity to gather, quality assure, and disclose investment grade ESG data.

Like any new process, collecting and disclosing ESG data is intimidating to start. Many Measurabl customers start out in a similar place: anxious to get started with ESG, but needing some guidance on how to set themselves up for success. 

That’s why we created The Real Estate Professional’s Guide to Getting Started With ESG, a downloadable toolkit that answers frequently asked questions and delves into pressing ESG-related topics. This guide is designed to provide a foundation for anyone looking to better understand ESG and how it will impact their businesses and, ultimately, the future of the real estate industry. The guide features several tools including: 

  • A checklist for getting started
  • A look at popular ESG frameworks
  • A primer on decarbonization and Net Zero
  • A glossary of common ESG terms

Wherever your ESG journey takes you, we hope this guide will point you in the right direction.