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Cutting-edge Tools To Reach Your Sustainability Goals 2017 Review

Curious what Measurabl was up to in 2017? Here are some of our favorite releases:

International Support

Measurabl is used in 67 countries around the world. Here’s how we support them:

  • Unit Preferences: You can now work in any units of measure you desire – kWh, therms, BTU, and many more.
  • Currency: Select from among 32 different currencies so you can analyze portfolio data across countries in a single, consistent currency, or work in different currencies for any given building.
  • Weather Normalization: We added international weather stations so your utility consumption is normalized for all buildings anywhere in the world.
  • Automated Utility Data: Our data automation is up and running for European utility companies, bringing our roster of supported utilities to 3,400.


Measurabl is the world’s first and only system for free, global, investment grade commercial building benchmarking. Using machine learning techniques and leveraging our 4.75 billion square foot database, Measurabl now provides a single number showing your peer-relative performance in terms of energy, water, and carbon emissions. Individual buildings and whole portfolios anywhere in the world can receive a Measurabl Sustainability Rating. Think of it as ENERGY STAR, but in real time and with global coverage.

Data integrity and third-party assurance

Data quality is essential to improving sustainability performance and producing quality investor disclosures like GRESB and CDP, so Measurabl deployed machine learning powered AI to automatically identify and correct inaccurate data. As a result, our software gets smarter with each additional meter reading collected and can find, fix, and alert you to problems down to the level of individual buildings, meters, and meter readings.

On top of this, we added a Data Quality ReportTM that is designed specifically for third-party assurance providers to be able to quickly and easily review all your raw data. This means it’s easier and more affordable to get your GRESB and CDP reports third-party assured.

We have a ton of new features and improvements planned for 2018 so you can measure even more of what matters in 2018. Stay tuned!