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The Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM) Risk Assessment Tool has become critically important to assess net-zero transition risks, but it can be time-consuming for busy sustainability teams to manage. 

Measurabl has partnered with CRREM to make it easier for our customers to create risk assessment reports with CRREM’s spreadsheet-based tool. Manually transferring data to CRREM takes an average of 30 minutes per building. With CRREM Export, Measurabl customers can automatically populate the CRREM assessment spreadsheet in a matter of seconds with the required building characteristics, energy usage, and renewables data.

Expedite the data entry process

Instantly and automatically populate CRREM’s spreadsheet-based Risk Assessment Tool with building data from Measurabl.

Improve data quality

Avoid errors associated with manual data transfer for a more complete and accurate risk assessment.

Get CRREM Risk Assessment reports on demand

Apply the most recent environmental performance data from Measurabl to the CRREM Risk Assessment Tool to generate reports whenever they are most valuable.

Show stakeholders that you’re on the right track

Control your ESG narrative by producing CRREM Risk Assessment reports to visually demonstrate the progress you’ve made toward decarbonisation goals.

Why Measurabl?

Our breadth and depth of data collection makes Measurabl uniquely equipped to help you generate complete, accurate risk reports with CRREM. No other platform can export a complete building dataset as quickly to the CRREM Risk Assessment Tool, making Measurabl your competitive advantage.

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