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Climate due diligence is no longer optional.

With a worldwide push toward environmental regulation, and growing evidence that sustainable real estate drives lower costs and higher returns, one thing is certain: Making investment decisions on a property without having visibility into its climate risk can cause significant challenges and missed opportunities in the long run.

Measurabl's Climate Due Diligence Scan

With Measurabl’s Climate Due Diligence Scan (CDDS), you can run a climate due diligence report for a property in just minutes. CDDS provides reliable property-level estimates derived from Measurabl’s highly accurate machine-learning model, powered by a database of more than 15 billion square feet (1.4 billion square meters) of real estate worldwide, and trusted physical climate risk data from S&P Global Sustainable1.

CDDS offers visibility into the data points that represent the greatest environmental risks and opportunities facing real estate properties for virtually any property in the world.

Granular, Impactful, On-Demand Data

A report unlike anything else available.

Climate Due Diligence Scan provides material data points on any property you are evaluating. Get to the heart of what you need to make an informed decision with a standardized, on-demand report.

Assess a property's climate risk in minutes.

Provide just four property  attributes—address, type, floor area, and year built—and get an instant view into its climate risks and opportunities. Learn how environmental factors can affect your organization’s investment, whether you are conducting acquisition, lending, or insurance due diligence.

Get unique insights into material environmental risks and opportunities for any property

Every building scanned will instantly produce a Climate Due Diligence Scan detailing:

  • Energy consumption estimates
  • Carbon emission estimates
  • Physical climate risk scores powered by S&P Global Sustainable1
  • Green building certifications
  • Local regulations

Compare the latest data to previous months and years, and see how a property performs relative to global, national, and state benchmarks, all in one report.

Are you ready to get serious about climate risks?

Climate risks are financial risks—Measurabl’s CDDS gives you a comprehensive view of the environmental factors that affect your potential investments. We are ready to partner with you to optimize your organization’s due diligence process so you can better predict how your investments will perform in an uncertain future.

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