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“We Are Measurabl” Logo Distinguishes Companies for Transparency on Environmental, Social Performance

The SaaS logistics company, Optoro, will be among the first to display the “We Are Measurabl” logo on both its corporate and eCommerce website as a testament to the fact it has collected, quality assured and disclosed its sustainability performance. “The mark helps companies communicate and validate their environmental and social performance to customers and stakeholders,” says Matt Ellis, Measurabl’s Founder and CEO. “It is neither a score nor a statement of ‘how good’ the company is. Instead, it is validation the company has done the most important thing of all: measure and disclose its performance.” The “We Are Measurabl” logo is available to companies that pass a rigorous audit of their sustainability data and commit to transparency around their environmental and social impacts.


Optoro used Measurabl’s sustainability management software to collect, track and disclose its performance on a range of metrics including energy, water and carbon emissions. This effort was among their Green Team’s first priority of establishing a baseline for the amount of energy consumed each year and to understand how that drives the company’s greenhouse gas emissions. “Measurabl allows us to pinpoint our energy, water and carbon impacts accurately and efficiently. The ‘We Are Measurabl’ mark signifies we’ve done this in a transparent, robust way using best in class accounting methodologies,” explained Adam Vitarello, Optoro’s Co-founder and President.

Measurabl’s software is used by S&P 500 companies as well as smaller organizations seeking to bring rigor and simplicity to their environmental, social and governance accounting. The “We Are Measurabl” mark is available to Measurabl users who pass an audit as well as compile their data into one or more of the globally accepted sustainability reporting formats such as CDP or GRESB.”

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