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How to Utilize Trends (Beta)

Customize the way you visualize data with Trends. Filter by metric, date range, region, size, year built, and more. Here’s how:


Utilizing trends

The possibilities are endless, so let your creativity lead. These are some of the goals and questions you can answer with Trends:

  1. Gain expansive visibility into energy, water, waste, and even scope emissions performance.
    • What were Fund X’s Scope 2 monthly emissions over the past 2 years?
    • What was my total water spend during Q3 of 2016?
  2. Check that all data is kept up-to-date. This can vary by season, region, and property type – patterns are visible by filtration.
    • Is there 100% data coverage for all office sites?
    • Are there certain times of the year when data coverage declines?
  3. Look at your data through a new lens. Trends across regions can expose patterns that would remain unseen otherwise.
    • Have all my New York multi-family properties reported 2016 data?
    • Which are my highest and lowest consumption buildings this year?

We answer questions like the above, and more. Have some of your own? Please contact us.

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