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Answers to common questions about Measurabl.

About Measurabl

Our team, mission, and vision.

So what’s Measurabl?

Measurabl is sustainability solved by software. More than 15,000 properties – representing 3.5BN square feet across 30 countries – use Measurabl to measure, manage, and improve their energy and sustainability performance. Measurabl gives companies the ability to automatically collect utility data, report on sustainability performance, and identify energy and water efficiency opportunities while simplifying reports to global sustainability benchmarks like GRESB and CDP.

What’s Measurabl’s purpose?

Right now there is little transparency around the social and environmental impacts in the global economy, mainly because it’s too hard and expensive to collect and report the data. Our mission is to make it possible for any organization to understand, act and report upon sustainability despite its size, resources or expertise.

Who is behind Measurabl?

Seventeen enterprise software, real estate and energy professionals who were tired of the status quo and believed transparency is the most important ingredient in a healthy global economy, society and ecosystem. Check out our team here.

What makes Measurabl different?

We’re the world’s first and only on-demand software-as-a-service for sustainability. You can begin using our product in seconds at no cost and delete your account without contracts or other cumbersome restrictions. Check out our features page or create an account to try it for yourself!

Getting Started

Get the most out of Measurabl.

I created an account, what do I do now?

Select the report(s) you’d like to work on by clicking on the Add Report button. CDP, GRESB and GRI are all available. After that head to your Data Management page to sync Measurabl with all your data. Here’s a short video on how to get started.

How do I get help?

Just shoot an email to [email protected] with your question. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours on weekdays.


Integrate with utility, travel, and waste providers.

What data sources is Measurabl integrated with?

Measurabl is integrated with over 3,500 utility companies globally. Our direct integration with Energy Star Portfolio Manager allows . For flight and hotel data, we sync with AMEX and Concur. Rental car data comes from Hertz Rental Cars. Of course we support manual entry or spreadsheet upload as well,. We’re constantly adding integrations so check back frequently to see what’s new!

Do the data integrations cost money?

Energy Star integration is absolutely free. The rest have a fee base upon which subscription plan you’re subscribed to: Basic, Pro, or Premium. Check out our Pricing Page to see cost.

I don’t have any data, can I still use Measurabl?

Absolutely. Most organizations don’t have any data when they start with Measurabl, or lack complete data at the outset. Don’t worry! You can still create sustainability reports, perform diagnostics, or start fetching your data using our online data integrations.

How do I get my utility data?

Use our Utility Sync feature to pull data directly from your utility company. Watch this short video to see how to set it up.

How many utilities does Measurabl support?

Over 3,500 and counting..! Any Utility that has an online bill portal.


Select the reports right for you then complete them fast.

How does the reporting feature work?

Measurabl guides you step-by-step through the entire reporting process. We then review your report and submit it on your behalf. If you’ve previously reported to GRI, CDP, or GRESB, we will load your most recent report into Measurabl to bring you up to speed.

What report should I do?

CDP and GRI are appropriate for organizations of any type including corporations, small and medium sized businesses, government agencies, cities, not-for-profits and NGOs. We recommend starting with either GRI or CDP. GRESB is specific to real estate owners, asset managers and developers only.

Can I do multiple reports?

Of course! It’s common practice for leading organizations to issue both a CDP and a GRI report. The top real estate companies do all three – GRESB, CDP and GRI. With Measurabl, you can do all three in one place, saving you time, money and ensuring greater accuracy. Just make sure you’re in a Pro subscription plan or higher so you can do multiple reports.

Can I complete my reports if I don’t have all my data?

Absolutely. While more data is better, you can always prepare and submit a report even if data is scarce.

What version of GRI does Measurabl support?


What is the deliverable for each report?

You can export Word doc copies of your GRESB and CDP report at anytime. For GRI, you will receive a PDF copy of your report, including a content index.

What are the alerts in my report for?

Alerts are created whenever you forgot to complete required information. They help you stay on target to complete the most accurate possible report. Click on an alert to jump to the question that generated it.

Do I have to submit my report, or can I keep it private?

You can keep it private, use it for internal benchmarking and management reviews, or submit it publicly. It’s entirely up to you!

For GRESB, what type of Data Management System (DMS) is Measurabl aligned with?

WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol, Revised Edition

Billing & Accounts

Choose the right subscription plan and preferences.

What subscription plan is right for me?

Whether you’re just beginning to build your sustainability program or already have a sophisticated sustainability program, Measurabl’s subscription tiers will service any requirement. Contact our team for help in selecting the right plan for you.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Just shoot us an email and we’ll stop the service.

What’s a user?

A user is a person. They can be people inside or outside your organization. Typical users include you, consultants, property managers, tenants, stakeholders and auditors.

What will my dedicated account manager do for me?

Account managers are like a part time FTE. They assist directly on data collection, reporting, analysis… Whatever you need!


Know where you stand and take action to improve.

What’s Energy Star?

Energy Star is the US EPA’s free building energy and water benchmarking service. It shows you how your building is performing relative to peers and what projects you can implement to improve performance. Both US and Canadian properties can be benchmarked in Energy Star and receive a score, but you can load data on buildings from anywhere in the world, those outside the US just won’t get an Energy Star score. Learn more about Energy Star on their website.

What are Measurabl’s peer comparisons based upon?

Measurabl uses its own internal data as well as publicly available government data to create its benchmarks. These data sets are combined to produce an extremely accurate benchmark of your energy and carbon performance relative to peers exactly like you.

Is my data private?

Yes, absolutely. Your data is never visible to anyone except those you authorize to access your account. All data used to compute Measurabl’s benchmarks is anonymized before being included in our comparisons.

What’s the difference between absolute and intensity targets?

Absolute targets are defined as a certain amount of reduction in a specified time. For example, “we will reduce GHG emissions by 10% by the year 2020”. Intensity targets, on the other hand, are relative to a given business metric. For example, “we will reduce water consumption by 10% per square foot.” Intensity targets are more elastic, so your changing organization can adjust its goal relative to business growth/decline. Absolute targets are more rigorous in that they ensure a certain reduction irrespective of changing business conditions.

Why isn’t my Utility Sync building getting a score in Energy Star?

Here’s three common reasons your building won’t receive a score and how to fix it:

1. Building does not have 12 continuous months of data.

Solution: Utility Sync is pulling as much historical data as possible, but can’t grab 12 months of history. The amount of data available is limited to what each utility provider has available. In some cases there may be years of historical data, in other cases there may be none. If your building doesn’t have 12 months of data, don’t worry, Utility Sync will build up data over time and your buildings will receive scores as they accrue more data.

2. Required site characteristics are not completed.

Solution: Have your property manager or building engineer login to Energy Star and, where needed, complete any missing building details. Forward this 30-second video to show them how.

3. Buildings do not include consumption for all energy types e.g. electricity, gas, steam…

Solution: For any missing energy type, enter zeros for the prior 12 months.

Should we share unused Energy Star meters?

Yes. Please share over all your meters, even ones unused or inactive. This information prevents Energy Star from creating error messages.

The data from my Energy Star building isn’t showing up in Measurabl…

This can be caused if you sync the wrong Energy Star building with Measurabl. Send Measurabl your Energy Star “Portfolio Manager ID” found on your Energy Star details page. We’ll sync the correct building for you.

Site Manager

Accept invitation and manage building details

How do I get started using Measurabl?


An email “Invitation To Join” is in your inbox. Accept the invitation then check out Measurabl’s Site Manager Guide for what to do next.

What’s Utility Sync?


If you see a tab on the left hand side of your page labeled “Utility Sync”, the building owner wants you to use Measurabl to automate the feed of utility data into Energy Star so you don’t have to manually enter it anymore. Learn how to enroll Utility Accounts here.

I have an error with Utility Sync. How do I fix it?


If there’s ever a problem with Utility Sync, you’ll receive an email. This video shows you how to quickly fix your issue.

The data from my Energy Star building isn’t showing up Measurabl…


You probably have the wrong Energy Star building synced with Measurabl. Email us your Energy Star “Portfolio Manager ID” found on the details page in your Portfolio Manager account. We’ll sync your correct building for you.

How do I change a building’s total square footage?


“Total Floorspace” is obtained from your building’s Energy Star profile. Email Measurabl the correct size and we’ll change it for you.

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