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Setting Your Building’s Leasable Area and Utility Meters

Telling Measurabl what part of your building is available for lease to tenants vs common area not only makes your reporting more accurate, it unlocks the ability to define which part of your building each individual meter serves. It’s simple to do. Here’s how:


SET your building’s leasable area:

  1. In Measurabl, “% Gross Leasable Area” sets the portion of your building that can be leased to tenants. This field is located on your Site Profile tab under the “Control” header.

Set Occupancy Rates:

  1. The more frequently you track changes in occupancy the better, so enter an occupancy rate each time it changes. Initially, we recommend entering 2 rates – the average rate in each 12 month period over the prior 24 months. From there, please add a new occupancy rate anytime you sign new leases or a tenant moves out.

tell measurabl what part of your building a meter serves:

  1. Once inside a building, click on its “Usage” tab. You’ll see your utility meters broken out by type e.g. electric, fuel, water.
  2. For each type of utility, you can tell Measurabl whether these meters serve the “Whole site” or “Common & Tenant Spaces”. If you know some meters serve common or tenant areas, select this option and hit “Save”.
  3. Now, click on a meter and select the correct type of service from the dropdown menu labeled “Serving”. Your options are “common area”, “tenant paid by landlord”, “tenant paid by tenant”.

Need help? Email or schedule a call with our Customer Success Team.

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