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Measurabl's Ordinance Filing

We provide local ordinance benchmark filings for more than 40 programs in North America to help real estate owners stay up-to-date with local regulations. 

These are just some of the locations covered by Measurabl's Ordinance Filings.

Let our experts do the heavy lifting for you

Leverage years of experience and industry knowledge

Through Measurabl’s acquisition of WegoWise, our Ordinance Filings team has more than ten years of experience in navigating specific requirements, staying on top of deadlines, and seamlessly troubleshooting as issues arise. 

Save time and resources

Measurabl’s Ordinance Filings can save your team time, resources, and money helping you avoid significant fines and penalties for missed deadlines or non-compliance. 

We make ordinance filing simple and accurate, and guarantee timely submissions.

Gather all crucial data without lifting a finger

Measurabl collects and aggregates the data required to report, leveraging our established relationships with utility companies across the United States.

Ready to get started?

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