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Minding the Gap Between Awareness and Action in Sustainability

Jumping the GapSustainability has been a central blip on the radar of facility managers, marketing teams and CFOs for more than a decade. Using resources more wisely, fostering a happy, healthy workforce, and governing more transparently for consumers and investors are just no-brainers in 2014.

According to a recent MIT Sloan study of nearly 2,000 executives and managers across the globe, nearly 90 percent of respondents believe sustainability-focused strategies are essential to create and sustain competitive advantage. More than 70 percent said social and environmental issues are either significant or very significant to their companies, yet only half reported addressing these issues. Something’s wrong with this huge disconnect between “Talkers” and “Walkers.”

Why do some companies become Walkers while others just talk a good game? More importantly, how can companies make the leap from one to the next?

There are various reasons for the disconnect, but one major finding of the study was that Talkers were unable to clearly articulate a sustainability vision, place ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues at the top of their agenda, or develop a clear business case for sustainability. Basically, they could not figure out how to integrate sustainability into their business model. An HBR article cites these issues as critical to developing a robust sustainability strategy and necessary to avoid misguided decision making processes that focus too heavily on short-term financial performance.

At Measurabl, our principal mission as a company is to help lead companies across this gap. We wholly believe that by reporting on sustainability performance, companies are taking the first step towards an cycle of continuous improvement. As we grow and expand our services, we hope to guide companies through each stage of this cycle while empowering them to become Walkers.

Making sure it’s as easy to act on sustainability as it is to speak to it—that’s what Measurabl is all about.

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