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GRESB Portal Disruption: Current Status and Measurabl’s Response

Original post: June 23 at 3:45 pm PT / 6:45 pm EST / 11:45 pm BST
UPDATED: July 12, 2021

Update: We are happy to report that the issues described below have since been resolved. We are thrilled for our customers who submitted their GRESB assessments this year and are looking forward to celebrating the results!

For the past several days, GRESB reporters have been encountering significant latency and performance issues inside the GRESB portal. We realize that every additional hour, let alone day, that these service disruptions persist carry consequences for our customers. We feel it is imperative to disclose as much information as we have at this point and relay the steps Measurabl has taken to address this issue on behalf of its customers. 

Currently, GRESB reporters are encountering the following issues: 

  1. Page updates and edits are compromised;
  2. Upload of the real estate asset spreadsheet is compromised;
  3. Export of the asset spreadsheet is compromised;
  4. Aggregation from the asset spreadsheet into the assessment portal is compromised.

Measurabl first raised the latency issues to GRESB on June 8, again on June 21, then escalated the matter to GRESB leadership on June 22. Our latest exchange requested GRESB post a public communication announcing (a) all known bugs, (b) their status, (c) the triage team assigned to resolve them, and (d) the resolution path(s) GRESB is investigating. 

Currently, the GRESB portal remains substantially unusable. This has affected a variety of reporting-related processes, such as assurance. It has also thrown reporting timelines into question. GRESB has notified us that a fix may be forthcoming as early as June 24. In the meantime and given the already substantial confusion the issue has caused, it is important to communicate transparently and regularly until the fix is proven effective.  

Measurabl customers can rest assured that all of their data remains unaffected in our platform. Regardless of whether customers experience data corruption or loss of information inside the GRESB portal, Measurabl will remain a single source of truth to cross reference. We also plan to regularly and repeatedly engage with GRESB leadership to stay abreast of the situation and prepare our customers with the best set of options to successfully submit their reports. 

We will continue to keep our users up to date on this status of the GRESB portal until it is functioning normally and we are satisfied that our customers’ reports can be flawlessly transmitted.

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