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Measurabl Launches “Investment Grade” Sustainability Benchmark for Buildings

Editor’s Note: The following post was updated to reflect Measurabl Sustainability Rating changes in nomenclature, scoring mechanism, and new display in our dashboard.

Curious how your building stacks up against its peers? Need to credibly communicate your building’s sustainability performance to a prospective buyer? Now you can using the Measurabl Sustainability Rating.

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Your building’s Measurabl Sustainability Rating (MSR) represents its sustainability performance relative to its peers. The benchmark ranges from 0-100, with a rating of “50” meaning your building is better than 50% of all buildings in the Measurabl universe. With more than 4.4BN square feet of high quality institutionally owned real estate – nearly 5% of all the floor space in the United States – Measurabl’s rating is highly contextual, granular, and updated frequently as new data flows into our system.

Update 9/1/17

The MSR offers a weighted utility break out to account for the way a building’s use affects performance. The benchmark is allocated as follows:

  • 54% comes from electric, fuel, and district consumption. These are all energy factors that may not be applicable to every building, depending on the geographic location of the site.
  • 29% comes from carbon emissions; this is influenced by energy consumption as well as energy generation source (e.g. traditional vs. renewable).
  • 17% comes from water consumption.


Defining “Peer Benchmark” in MSR

So what’s a “peer” building? In Measurabl, your building’s peer group is based on five aspects: building use type(s), geographic region, weather, size, and year built. Because our software curates this data daily using machine learning to prevent erroneous information, your building’s peer cohort is highly reliable. Even complex, mixed-use buildings are accommodated.

Measurabl also pulls in new buildings and refreshes data daily, which makes our peer groups and ratings dynamic as opposed to being outdated snapshots of past performance. Any building with at least one year of historical data can get a Measurabl Sustainability Rating.

what do i do with my MSR?

Your MSR is a simple but powerful way to compare building performance and communicate that performance to investors and tenants. It also allows you to spot high or low performing buildings – just rank your buildings on the Data page to separate the wheat from the chaff.

What’s Next?

Measurabl’s Data Science Team is adding more variables to its peer benchmark methodology including building certifications, projects, audits, and other geographic factors like proximity to public transportation. Deepening MSR criteria will make it ever more meaningful. From there, ratings will be applied to real estate funds, giving them all the same benefits of investment grade quality, accuracy, and timeliness.

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