Three Main Focus Areas of GRESB

GRESB started in 2009 as a standard for assessing the sustainability performance of real estate portfolios. Their original "investor" or "equity" survey has been a runaway success and now counts more than 700 participants. In an attempt to satiate the ever expanding appetite of real estate companies and investors for more precise measures of performance, GRESB has developed two new surveys — one each for debt and infrastructure.

Here's a comparison of all three GRESB focus areas, the differences between each survey, and how to pick the one right for you.

Survey Focus What is it? Who's it for? Learn More
Equity GRESB's original survey assessing sustainability across owned real estate portfolios.
  • REITs
  • AssetManagers
  • Developers
Breakdown of GRESB's original survey


Fixed Income GRESB's second offering launched in 2015 to assess the role and impacts of real estate debt in ESG performance.
  • Private real estate lenders
More on GRESB fixed income
Infrastructure GRESB's newest survey evaluates sustainability performance of infrastructure assets, projects, and investments.
  • Infrastructure investors
How infrastructure is scored

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