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Angie Brewer Joins Measurabl as SVP of Enterprise Sales

The role of real estate in addressing environmental, social and governance challenges has never been more relevant than it is today. Once seen as niche, investors are increasingly seeking to understand how companies identify, respond to, and quantify efforts in ESG-related risks. This pressure is pushing organizations to fully integrate ESG indicators in their Enterprise Risk Management.

That is why Measurabl is excited to welcome Angie Brewer to the team as the new SVP of Enterprise Sales. Angie brings nearly 20 years of sales experience to the table, and, having worked in both the energy sustainability and real estate markets, the transition has been seamless.

“[Over the years] I’ve continued to watch all of the exciting things that Measurabl has been posting on LinkedIn,” says Brewer. “In terms of ESG data as an increment of building resilience and investment health, Measurabl has really pioneered – and continues to maintain a top position – as a solution in that space. Measurabl really walks the walk and talks the talk, and at this stage in my career, I’m excited to be a part of such a visionary team.”

Brewer’s arrival follows Series B financing earlier this year and is spearheading growth opportunities in partnership and enterprise offerings.

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