Utility Data Management Made Easy

Automatically collect utility data and keep your ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® current:
  • Connect to 900+ utility companies around the world
  • Automatically fetch electric, gas and water data
  • Collect historical and monthly data
  • Benchmarking and trend analysis via Portfolio Manager
  • Support compliance with regulations like AB1103, EO 88 and more
  • Qualify for ENERGY STAR certification

Why Utility Sync

"Rising expectations for sustainability reporting are part of a greater trend faced by all publicly traded companies."

Charles Keenan, REIT.com

"First companies must efficiently, accurately and affordably collect utility data and maintain it in ENERGY STAR. Then they can tackle regulatory compliance, benchmarking and sustainability reporting."

Matt Ellis, Founder/CEO, Measurabl

How It Works

  • One-time on boarding of your utility accounts.
  • Historical and monthly data is collected automatically.
  • Your ENERGY STAR account is automatically updated.

About Utility Sync

Utility SyncMeasurabl is a proud ENERGY STAR Partner.

Collecting and making sense of utility data is essential, but it doesn't have to be hard or expensive. Utility Sync is a lightweight, affordable way to grab data from any utility company and maintain it in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® - the free, industry standard building benchmarking and reporting platform.

Get started by creating your Measurabl account and sending us a list of utilities you'd like to add. We'll collect all your historical information and maintain your ENERGY STAR account on a monthly basis automatically. It's simple, affordable, and effective - the way utility data management should be!